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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Time Frame:
Since we make all ceramic trees to our customer specifications it usually takes 10-14 days from the initial order to shipping.  As we get closer to the Christmas season that time could stretch out to 45 days.  We will email customers of any changes in anticipated shipping times, so they can make a decision if they still want to order from our site. We will also post on our website, the date to which your order must be placed to arrive before Christmas. This means that we anticipate that the order will ARRIVE before christmas. We are not responsible for anything beyond our control eg: Riots, Union Strike, severe weather that prohibits delivery, shortages in materials, natural disasters, slower than normal delivery, customs clearing time, product breakage, remote location (eg: remote parts of Alaska), etc. that may slow delivery of final product. Your credit/debit card WILL be charged at the time of order, all orders must be pre-paid prior to production.

Damaged In shipping:
Because of the nature of the products we sell, there will ocassionaly be breakage. In the case of customer receiving product that has been damaged during the shipping process, we will replace damaged product once we receive pictures of the damaged item. That item will be replaced free of charge to the original customer. We will not be responsible for any delays as a result of breakage. Typically we do try to move replacement orders for broken products into a priority queue, however this WILL delay your order as we will need to hand make the product from scratch again.

Customers will have 48 hours from the time of delivery to make any claims. Items are expected to be shipped for return within 7 business days of delivery.
Full Refunds, including return shipping:
Damage in shipping, missshipped products, and faulty workmanship*. (we may request photos instead of returning product). Cancelling order prior to shippment.
Refund minus shipping paid, and not including return shipping:
Customer remorse, changing product desired after arrival.
Partial Refunds:
A partial rufund MAY be given as an ADDITIONAL option based on the inconvience.
Refund minus shipping paid and 50% restocking charge, and not including return shipping:
Orders that arrive before christmas but not shipped for return prior the sooner of 1 week after claim or December 23rd.

PO Boxes:
Many orders may get get upgraded delivery by FedEx, since they have been found to be more consistant, better customer service, and typically have less breakage. Please provide a address (not a PO Box), our label software will simply ship to the address YOU provided as your "shipping" address. And as such FedEx will have your package in exception status, and your package may be in limbo for sometimes several days.

Customs Fees:
Customs are NOT included in the shipment. We will send the package, you will be responsible for paying customs, many times FedEx Will help you with this but we do not pay these as we don't have the ability to accurately estimate these amounts, the customer bares the responsibility. We will provide a commercial invoice to FedEx, and they will typically be the customs broker. DO NOT ask us to mark the order as a "gift" unless it actually is a gift.

*Because the products are made by hand there will be some variation from one item to another. Faulty workmenship is defined as an issue with an item that isn't within the tolerances, that shouldn't have passed our quality control standards. Such examoles would include, holes that don't fit the lights, trees that don't fit on the bases, music boxes that aren't affixed, craze in glaze. Most holes for lights WILL have some "play" to allow ample room for the light to be removed/added as choosen, and to allow gluing them in place if the customer so desires to do so after delivery. Products that are not made by us, such as lights, light kits, music boxes, wires etc. Are subject to their own manufacturers policies.

Updated 5/25/2015